All American

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Showing on Thursday, November 9th, 7:25
Director: Michael Ayjian & Stephen Skeel
Rating: N/A
Running Time: 00:09:00
Country: EU

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Synopsis: PART OF DOCUMENTARY SHORTS #2: Directed by Michael Ayjian & Stephen Skeel, this short documentary tells the story of WWII hero, Les Cruise. Abandoned at age 7, he grew up in an orphans’ home until he was 18 and joined WWII. There, friends were killed at his side and he was wounded in battle, earning a Purple Heart. When he returned home, he had no one. Yet he paved his own way. Sixty years later, Cruise lives in the same home with his wife whom he married at age 21. In war stories, human voices often get drowned out, but Cruise’s story roars heroism and whispers all the beauties of family.