Film League Membership

Halfway to Hollywood Film League

“It’s OK to think while watching movies”– Stan Brakhage

It’s also OK to get reduced ticket prices and cool free stuff!

We know that you are the kind of discriminating film viewer that expects more than a car chase and an exploding building out of your movie going experience. That is why we have developed the new “Film League.”

Your support throughout the year enables this festival to bring you a wide range of films that normally would not make the Kansas City market.

Members Receive:

Film League Tee Shirt – NEW MEMBERS ONLY – (M, L, XL) [2X and 3X available at an additional cost of $5]
Discounted ticket prices at Glenwood Arts and Rio Theatres. Discount ticket price of $5.00 per film, per card holder, except for NO PASS MOVIES.
Discounted passes to the annual Kansas International Film Festival
Free special film screenings
Eligibility to receive complimentary movie passes to special screenings of upcoming films
Weekly electronic newsletter
Monthly film discussion groups