Survival Guide

So you’ve decided to come to the Kansas International Film Festival. You’re looking forward to a week of great movies, discussion with filmmakers and filmgoers of all types, and a lot of time in a darkened theater. What next? Well, we can help. The Kansas International Film Festival has put together this handy survival guide of tips and tricks to get you through the festival with minimal stress. We want you to have the greatest film experience possible, so if you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please let us know. You can contact us at: Kiff Concerns or Questions


  1. Do Research

    With so many movies on five screens, it’s important to figure out what you want to see before you arrive. Plan ahead! Check out the KIFF Film Schedule so you can decide what sounds interesting and know when it is playing. Tickets go fast, so be sure to have a backup selection (just in case).

  2. Get Your Tickets Early

    • Festival Pass Holders:

      Remember, your Festival Pass is NOT your ticket. You must get your tickets from the box office on the day of the show. Get there early so you don’t miss out on your chance to see the film you want. Call ahead to find out if the box office is open. It’s okay to get tickets for each showtime first thing in the morning. If you decide that you can’t stick around for the late show, please turn in your unused ticket so we can let someone else have it. Buy festival passes online or visit the box office.

    • Individual Ticket Holders:

      Once films are programmed and put in our ticketing system, individual tickets will be available,  but in limited number. If we sell out of advanced individual tickets for a show, you’ll have to wait until the day of the show. Arrive early so you don’t miss your chance to buy your tickets. Buy individual tickets online or visit the box office.

    • Ticket Prices and Special Events:

      Before 5pm – $6.75
      Twilight Shows (5-6pm) $7.00

      Seniors over 60 – $7.50
      Adults – $9.00

      $1 off regular admission but must purchase at box office.

  3. Arrive Early for Seating

    Festival Pass holders will be seated first for screenings. Even so, plan to arrive approximately 25 minutes before the screening. After the Festival Pass holders have been seated, Individual Ticket holders will be allowed into the theater. At that point, late-arriving Festival Pass holders must wait in line with the Individual Ticket holders.

  4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

    We know you want to dress like you’re on the red carpet, but after ten hours in a theater you may start to wish that you had ditched the snazzy jacket or dress shoes in favor of a t-shirt and sneakers. You want to be comfortable during the long hours of sitting in the theater, waiting in line, and hanging out with fellow film buffs. So, be sure to wear comfortable clothing.

  5. Plan Your Schedule to Include Meal Breaks

    Humans can’t survive on mere popcorn alone. Take time from your film going schedule to eat something delicious and nutritious now and then, especially over the long weekend. The Glenwood Arts Theatre’s KIFF Cafe will be open(Fri-Sun) and serving sandwiches and other tasty treats. Also, several restaurants (both fast food and full dining experience) are within a short drive of the festival.

  6. Party With New (And Old) Friends

    KIFF is not just about films, it’s also about fun. Parties are hosted on selected nights during the festival and you’re invited! Meet the filmmakers and other film fanatics. If you’re not sure when and where the after-parties are being held, ask a KIFF volunteer or check the website for information.

  7. The 2016 Kansas International Film Festival

    The festival will be held November 4-10, 2016 at the Glenwood Arts Theatre, located at 95th and Mission, in the Ranch Mart South Shopping Center. For more information, see the map in the sidebar of this website.