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Showing on 10/14/2014 at 7:30

Rating:  NR  •  Running Time:  85 minutes

Synopsis:  The Kansas International Film Festival is proud to present another outstanding collection of animated films from around the world. Seventeen original works explore various themes and animation styles in this highly entertaining showcase of creativity. Q&A with visiting animators after the screening. The 2014 Animation Shorts program will be presented in the following order: TENGRI by Alisi Telengut (Canada) JIMMY LOVES JUICE by David Yee (U.S.A.) CAPITAL DESTINY by Joe Nunnink (U.S.A.) A LIFE WITH ASPERGER’S by Jaime Ekkens (U.S.A.) LIGHT MAN, THE NEW YORK CITY SAVIOUR by Marek Light (U.K.) TALL EVIL by Wally Chung (U.S.A.) TODAY’S HEADLINE by Arem Kim (U.S.A.) THE PATH OF WATER by Chia-Horng Lin (Taiwan) ZEKE AND THE ALL-INCLUSIVE CAT HOUSE by Susan Shay Brugger (U.S.A.) LIFE AFTER DUSK by Natalie Krause (U.S.A.) DIFFERENT NOT LESS by Rachel Lamping (U.S.A.) HAPPY BOY EPISODE 1 by Trent Coffin (U.S.A.) STAN by Meirav Haber (U.S.A.) KAFA by Karoy Sevindi (Turkey) PHANTASMAGORIA by Molly Garrett, Hannah Carr and Emily Kenyon (U.S.A.) HOW TO AVOID ANNOYING PEOPLE by Ariel Nasser (U.S.A./Brazil) FEED by Kanjana Sodsee (Thailand)