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Director:  Jamie Chambers
In attendance: James Barrett will attend screening
Showing on 10/11/2014 at 5:10 pm

Rating:  NR  •  Running Time:  90 minutes
Watch the trailer for Blackbird – JURY AWARD NOMINEE

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Awards Received:  BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE – Catskill Mountains Film Festival, HONORABLE MENTION – New Jersey International Film Festival, BEST OF THE FEST – Edinburgh International Film Festival

Synopsis:  Directed by Jamie Chambers, BLACKBIRD features Scotland’s folk music heroes Norman Maclean and Sheila Stewart. In this captivating tale, a young ballad singer, Ruadhan, despairs upon seeing the fabric of his Scottish hometown erode. With no fish in the sea, no jobs and a steady exodus to the city, life as he loves it is slipping away. When Alec, the town bard (and Ruadhan’s idol) is found sequestered in a retirement home, long- time best pal, Calum and returning childhood friend, Amy, join Ruadhan to solve Alec’s disappearance and bring life back to their town. As his quest spirals out of control, Ruadhan finds himself the one who needs saving. KIFF JURY AWARD NOMINEE

Language: English