Cabining, The

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Director:  Steve Kopera
In attendance: Mike Kopera and Steve Kopera will attend screening.
Showing on 10/12/2014 at 7:20 pm

Rating:  NR  •  Running Time:  82 minutes
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Awards Received:  BEST HORROR-Bare Bones Film Festival, BEST HORROR-Cape Fear Indie Film Festival, BEST HORROR/COMEDY-Indie Gathering Film Festival

Synopsis:  Written and directed by Steve Kopera, THE CABINING finds two hapless screenwriters, Todd and Bruce, guaranteed funding by Todd’s wealthy Uncle Sarge if they can come up with a screen worthy horror story. They retreat to a Shangri-La artist’s hideaway only to find their work interrupted when their fellow residents, Shangri-La’s other artists are killed off one by one! Soon,fighting to save their own lives, the two are living the horror story they came to write about.

Language: English