Getting To The Nutcracker

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Director:  Serene Meshel-Dillman
In attendance: Serene Meshel-Dillman will attend screening.
Showing on 10/12/2014 at 12:10 pm

Rating:  NR  •  Running Time:  98 minutes
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Awards Received:  BEST DOCUMENTARY-Alanta Film Festival, BEST DOCUMENTARY-Dances With FIlms, OUTSTANDING DIRECTION-Las Vegas FIlm Festival

Synopsis:  Every Christmas season, the Nutcracker Ballet is performed in cities all over the world. Getting To The Nutcracker is a behind the curtain look at what it really takes to produce this ballet each year. Director, Serene Meshel – Dillman followed the Los Angeles based, Marat Daukayev Ballet Theatre, led by the former Kirov star, from auditions to final performances. You witness the joy of landing a principal role and the pain of losing one. The ballet dancers (boys and girls ages 3-18) are profiled; passionate people who, with their families, make incredible sacrifices of time and money just so that they may dance.

Language: English