Suffering Cassandra

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Director:  Roberto Carmona
In attendance: Roberto Carmona, Daniel Henriquez, Heather Rae Kirschenbauer and Amy Crognale Kirschenbauer will attend screening.
Showing on 10/13/2014 at 7:35 pm

Rating:  NR  •  Running Time:  80 minutes
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Synopsis:  Directed by Roberto Carmona, SUFFERING CASSANDRA, a dark comedy involving the complexities, jealousies and mysteries of the love relationships of four people – all trapped in a house by a ferocious storm. Eddie’s girlfriend, Cassandra, becomes suspicious of his intentions toward his “best friend” Helen. More mistrust when Eddie encourages the suspicious Cassandra to spend time with his visiting, sex-crazed, interloping “other best friend,” Fernando.

Country: USA

Language: English