Three Days Of Happiness

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Director:  Dimitris Athanitis
Showing on 10/14/2014 at 7:40 pm

Rating:  PG-13  •  Running Time:  80 minutes
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Awards Received:  BEST DIRECTOR – BEST ACTRESS – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – Maverick Movie Awards N.Y., BEST ACTRESS – London Greek Film Festival

Synopsis:  Written and directed by Dimitris Athanitis, and nominated in the Best Director, Cinematographer and Actress categories at New York’s Maverick Movie Awards, THREE DAYS OF HAPPINESS is the story of three women trying to escape: Anna (Alexandra Nidini) banishing the ghosts of her family, Vera (Katerina Fotiadi) outrunning secrets, and Irina (Nikol Drizi) quitting forced prostitution. How far can they go, fighting for their own happiness?

Country: Greece

Language: Greek with English Subtitles