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The Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of independent and classic cinema. Using the art and power of film, the festival draws communities together to share diverse cultures, viewpoints and conversations.

In 2000, the owners of the Fine Arts Group, brothers Ben and Brian Mossman came together with local filmmaker, Dr. Benjamin Meade to execute their vision of a not-for-profit film festival that would celebrate talent and provide a platform to liberate our community and filmmakers from around the world. Seventeen years later, with support from the Fine Arts Group and many community partners, we advocate for independent film to be recognized as a cultural, economic and educational asset in our community.

We invite you to become one such partner. We have a strong plan for the future of the Kansas International Film Festival to increase our outreach; which is why we ask for you to collaborate with us by providing the resources needed to expand.  Twenty-five filmmakers from around the country and beyond will visit our city to luxuriate in the classic and independent spirit.  Additional information is available on our sponsor page.

We are so grateful for any support you will be able to provide and look forward to any future partnerships with you.


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